Our Goals

At Milk for Thought, we want to change the landscape of breastfeeding — from attitudes to advocacy to education. Our goals are to work collaboratively to empower pregnant and breastfeeding moms by connecting them to local experts and counselors, baby-friendly hospitals and birthing centers, support groups, and other mothers who are out there and want so much to help. Instantly, new moms will get the support, encouragement, and shoulder to lean on that they need to have a successful breastfeeding journey.

Millions of people within the breastfeeding community work very hard to create change. As an online platform, a collaborative backbone of sorts, Milk for Thought will channel that energy and passion and work together with those amazing individuals and organizations on behalf of new moms.

And it’s not just moms who will be learning and connecting — the support community will also learn, grow and expand its impact exponentially! We want to work with everyone who is creating change for breastfeeding and show others exactly how to replicate that success. Collaboration means no one has to start from scratch or go it alone!

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