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The Milk for Thought team is made up of those listed below as well as incredible graphic designers, web programmers and editorial writers who are feverishly working behind the scenes to create a Web site that connects the breastfeeding community and empowers moms throughout their breastfeeding journey.

The whole team is passionate about helping the incredible breastfeeding community leverage the Internet in a powerful way to accomplish huge social goals: increasing breastfeeding rates, improving America's perception of breastfeeding, and impacting legislation. The best part is, the whole team is having fun as we're doing it! We want to infuse this energy into creating an online breastfeeding community that is trustworthy, fun, comfortable, and informative. We'd love for you to join us in this awesome journey!


Ryan Comfort

Chief Empowerment Officer

After coming up with an idea to create a company that sold witty pro-breastfeeding t-shirts, Ryan did research into how this company could help promote breastfeeding. Through his research, he identified a need for an online platform that connected breastfeeding moms and experts. The initial idea quickly evolved into something much greater, just as the topic began to garner intense media and political attention. Further inspired by his mother Kathy, a Labor & Delivery Nurse, and other friends and acquaintances with connections to breastfeeding — documentarians, politicians, and new mothers —Ryan seized the opportunity to create Milk for Thought.

Kathy Comfort, on her son:
“When my son told me he was going to leave his high-paying Wall Street job to start a Web site for the breastfeeding community, I was ready to kill him. After graduating from Wharton (Donald Trump went there!) in 2005, he decided to forgo great offers at finance firms to start his own Internet companies (I almost killed him then, too). For three years, he built Web sites, each of which combined social goals with a for-profit business model. Eventually, Ryan got a "real" job at a private equity real estate firm, and I was able to get off my blood pressure medication. Soon after, he started getting very excited about the idea for Milk for Thought, and he got me involved. It took me a while to understand how the site would be different from all the incredible organizations that already exist; however, one thing is clear, my son has a vision, passion and energy to use his experience, knowledge and network to make incredible things happen for the breastfeeding community. He's surrounded himself with a phenomenal team of passionate people who will turn his bold visions into a reality.

With everything my son has done, I'm most proud of his desire to give back. He is so grateful for the people and opportunities that have impacted his life that he has focused a lot of his energy on empowering others who have the desire to make a better life for themselves and others. As a woman passionate about breastfeeding, I'm ecstatic that Ryan will channel his desire to help moms during their breastfeeding journey, as well as to empower breastfeeding supporters, like me, to have a greater impact.”


Kathy Comfort, RN

Chief Supporter

“Nurse Comfort,” as she is known to her colleagues, has been a Registered Nurse for more than 22 years. For the past 11 years, Kathy has worked in Labor and Delivery, Mother Baby, and Newborn and Intensive Care Nursery, where she has helped thousands of new moms learn the art of breastfeeding their newborns.

Milk for Thought founder Ryan Comfort, on his mom:
“I'm certainly partial, but my mom is amazing and it's been awesome working with her on Milk for Thought. Her journey with breastfeeding started 29 years ago when the nurse handed her my sister and said, ‘Here you go’. Without instruction or support, my mother had such a tough time breastfeeding my sister for one year that, when I was born two years later, she fed me with formula. While I certainly don't hold it against her (remember, I think she's amazing), there were times that she felt a bit guilty about not breastfeeding me.

Fast forward 27 years, and she’s a Labor & Delivery Nurse who hands sons and daughters to new moms and helps them with their initial feedings. I know those moms have a better chance for success than she did — and how great is that?

Recently, I watched her provide additional support to my sister who breastfed both of her boys. My sister had full access to my mom through the challenging moments of breastfeeding and has even said that had it not been for Mom, she wouldn't have been able to keep it up.

My mom’s own personal challenges with breastfeeding and experience provide her with the perfect background to be the Chief Supporter at Milk for Thought. She's certainly not judgmental and believes that the path to progress is through trust, love and support, not guilt and pushiness. I'm beyond thrilled to use this Web site as a platform that will allow women across the country to benefit from her insight and support, just like my sister and thousands of her own patients have.”


Brettan Bablove


Brettan Bablove is a writer and editor who brings a background in branding, marketing and Web content development to the Milk for Thought team. She has hundreds of published articles and has ghostwritten or co-authored more than 50 books that appear in all major bookstores, including top-selling titles in the categories of pregnancy, fertility, health and diet, and more. In 2009, she helped create and launch, a social networking site for engaged couples to connect and share with other brides and grooms, their guests, and wedding professionals, which became the fastest-growing wedding community online. At Milk for Thought, Brettan oversees content development and works closely with lactation experts to ensure that all content is not only accurate and comprehensive, but also easy to read and fun.

Kathy on Brettan:
“Brettan is a master of words. She's been instrumental in helping articulate Milk for Thought’s ideas and visions into words. Her background is perfect for her role here. She has done extensive writing on the topics of pregnancy, parenting, health and fitness, wedding planning, and so much more! Brettan makes my job, and the expert panels’ jobs, much easier, because we don't have to worry about starting with a blank page and our time can be spent more efficiently on confirmation and feedback. She is wonderful at receiving input and feedback and is very focused on creating the best and most intriguing content for the moms and advocates at Milk for Thought.”


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