There doesn't seem to be much to the site, what's Milk for Thought all about?

We're so excited about the summer road trip that we didn't want to wait any longer to launch the site! There are many web features under development that will be launched in the coming weeks and months, including: connecting mom to local breastfeeding resources and events, providing comprehensive breastfeeding information, and sharing the stories of women with a range of different breastfeeding experiences. Members who join early will be able to help us build the best site possible by providing us their insight and feedback. Think of us like a baby... you'll be able to watch us grow right before your own eyes!

How does Milk for Thought help new parents?

Breastfeeding is amazing … but not always easy. It’s a learned art. There are millions of lactation experts, pediatricians, breastfeeding advocates and parents all over the country who want to offer help, guidance and support to new moms — there just hadn’t been a way to connect, until Milk for Thought.com.

MFT will offer everything from Q&As and instructional videos to meeting new moms and finding local experts to purchasing MFT’s own line of clever apparel.

When new moms are looking for support, answers and likeminded people, Milk for Thought.com will be there … even at 3 a.m. She may not be able to call her friend or pediatrician right then, but she can find the help and answers she needs at MFT.

What are Milk for Thought’s goals?

MFT wants to create a powerful, united voice for the breastfeeding community in order to:

  • raise awareness about the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding
  • support new parents
  • change society’s attitude toward breastfeeding
  • improve national rates of breastfeeding
  • impact legislation, and
  • encourage hospitals to adopt the ten steps to becoming a Baby Friendly Hospital

What will Milk for Thought be like?

  • comprehensive
  • informative
  • comforting
  • trustworthy and credible
  • fun
  • socially responsible
  • empowering
  • nonjudgmental

Aren’t there a lot of other breastfeeding organizations and groups? How is Milk for Thought different?

It takes one unified community of support to produce real results for parents. Milk for Thought seeks to bring together all breastfeeding organizations and groups in one on-line location in order to better connect breastfeeding mom with the resources around here.

Milk for Thought is leveraging modern technology to change the way people think about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is cool, amazing, empowering and beautiful. The breastfeeding community at Milk for Thought will be friendly, welcoming, helpful and always nonjudgmental.

Who is Funding Milk for Thought?

Milk for Thought has been funded by its founder, Ryan Comfort. MFT has received no outside funding. While there has been interest by investors to purchase a stake in MFT, Ryan has self-funded so that he can maintain full control of the company and focus solely on creating the best on-line resource for the breastfeeding community.

Really? A 27-year old is able to fully fund the creation of this business?

Yes. During his time at a high paying job in New York City, Ryan saved nearly 70% of his income. This was driven by his desire to have the flexibility to return to entrepreneurship and satisfy his interest in using his business background to accomplish significant social good.

Is Milk for Thought a for-profit company?

Yes. Milk for Thought is part of a new breed of social enterprises that pair a for-profit business model with accomplishing social goals. Milk for Thought will initially make money by selling apparel to members of the breastfeeding community. Our store will grow to include other products for breastfeeding moms. We respect the WHO code and will only present product information and product images that are in compliance with WHO guidelines.

Who is creating and reviewing Milk for Thought’s content?

Our content is currently being written by a team of three people, Kathy Comfort RN, Patricia Berg Drazin IBCLC and Brettan Bablove. As the copywriter, Brettan does a significant amount of the heavy lifting, but all information goes through Patricia and Kathy for confirmation, verification and feedback. We are in the process of further building our expert panel. If you’re interested in being part of the content development process, email Brettan at brettan@milkforthought.com.

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